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I used to be a decent person.

6 June 1984
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Ervis Kola - RIP 10/15/01

grrretel - RIP 2003. Farewell my therapist, I will never forget you.
There are three sides to every story. Yours, mine, and the truth.

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My old journal: badseed346

Better to be hated for who you are then loved for who your not

My MySpace (all the cool kids have them): http://www.myspace.com/disharmony

I used to be cool and metal but then I cut off all my hair and look like everybody else now. I'm a real easy going person just on here to talk to some new people.

I play drums and I was in a couple bands the past 2 years, but after the most recent one broke up I decided to take some time off from bands and try to have a life again.

I also go to college (after this semester I will have an associates degree) and work full time because I don't really want to enjoy the supposed best years of my life.

Oh I'm also sarcastic and will make you laugh.